[ The Platform ]

Integrated into Telegram, 90' was designed to deliver football & other sporting entertainment to fans around the world. As of March 2018, Telegram had more than 200 million active monthly users and continues to grow daily. Telegram messaging app allows our groups to have as much as 200,000 users.

[ How 90' Works ]

Fans will subscribe and become part of a Telegram group/community dedicated to their club of choice. Each group will receive only content related to the club, its respective league or competition.

E.g 90' Chelsea fan group will receive minute-by-minute live match commentaries, previews, tips, rumours, gossips and news related to only Chelsea.

[ Community Rules ]

-   Cyber-bullying of any group member is not allowed.
-   Links & adverts are not allowed.
-   Use of pornographic/offensive pictures/stickers is not allowed.
-   No extensive discussions of politics/issues is allowed.
** A dedicated moderator will ensure the rules are observed. Flouting of rules will attract appropriate punitive measures.

=[ Content Description ]=

Clubs Live Commentary** Previews * Events* Rumours/News* Match Photos* History* Performance Stats*
Live Before Kickoff Live Daily Live Thursdays Post Match
Chelsea ?
Arsenal ?
Man U ?
Liverpool ?
Man. City ?
Barcelona ?
Madrid ?
AC Milan
Inter ?
Juventus ?

* - Exclusive Content Created by 90'.
** - Content obtained by subscription from an international data provider.
✓ - Content provided regularly.
? - Content provided occasionally.

Content such as live pictures are provided only if made available by the club on Social Media. Image is credited to club.
Performance Statistics might include, image statistics and/or top player performance such as 'Man of The Match'.
Historical content is aimed at helping fans discover more about the club's history. More like Throwback Thursdays, #TBT.
Content description covers activities for the club's respective league & the UEFA Champions League.

Milan   Milan    Milan  ;  Milan  ;  Milan   Milan   Milan  Milan   Milan   Milan  

90' Football Community.
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Live Commentaries
Breaking News
Gossips, Rumours & More for your favorite clubs.

=[ Upcoming Features ]=

90 ' is committed to continuous improvements for its content and delivery. Hence, a number of features are planned to be integrated over the next 12 months.

Feature Description Planned
Goal Rush Live Goal updates for clubs in the same league during live matches. 3 Months -
Instant Query Instant query replies for League Table, Highest Goal scorers & other football statistics. 6 Months -
Local Language Live commentaries in local or international languages such as Italian, Spanish or French. 12 months Subject to availability of language API.
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